First Time Clients ($200)

Initial sessions at the Garrett Wellness Center include a 45-60 minute pre-talk to discuss the reason for your visit as well as your understanding of hypnosis. You will receive instructions on how to continue to benefit from your session in the future by utilizing self-focused hypnosis as well as your included session recordings. Then, using modern electronic hypnosis you will be led through a progressive relaxation exercise to direct the focus of your mind to accomplish the intentions that you have created. Additionally, you will receive your edit recordings from the session, in MP3 format, to continue to forward your progress toward your goals.

In -Person Follow-up Focus Sessions ($125)

Follow up visits are recommended to reinforce your focus, discuss any obstacles that disrupt your mind’s intentions, and set new goals after achieving previous intentions. Utilizing modern electronic hypnosis this 90-minute session is uniquely designed according to your individual needs. 

Online Follow-up Sessions ($100)

Virtual follow-up sessions are available to strengthen previous intentions or create a new focus. This remote hypnosis, at your preferred locale, requires a quiet and comfortable environment with internet access. High quality headphones are highly recommended for the 90 minute session. 

In Home Visits (Contact for Pricing)

Home visits are available when circumstances may not allow for an office visit. These sessions will include a pre-talk followed by a modern electronic hypnosis session. You will receive detailed information for providing an appropriate setting for your hypnosis session when scheduling  your appointment.

Session Recordings ($45)

Your recorded hypnosis session will be made available for you to purchase as a downloadable MP3 file with both an edited sleep version & an awakening version. The recordings will include special instruction to guide you in reinforcing your intentions and refreshing your focus to achieve your goals.

Personal Recordings ($50)

Personal recordings can be tailored to your specific needs & preferences, to  boost your intentional focus or create a new direction. These roughly 45 minute sessions can be personalized to fit within your free time, to address existing triggers, create states of calmness or awareness, or as general part of your focus practice.

Intentional Focus Library (Listed)

General self-focus recordings are available for purchase as downloadable MP3 files. Topics range from stress relief to improving habits to experiencing joy. Each will assist you in building your focus & reaching your intentional outcomes. These powerful focus session include instructions for getting the most out of every experience. Also available are “The Focused Mind” programs. These short focus sessions are intended to be used daily for a period of time to create generative change in your life. Our growing library currently includes goal setting & achievement, living stress free happily, & deep focus & healing programs.