Hypnosis Designed to Improve Your Focus & Achieve Your Goals 

What is the intentionally focused mind?

 Have you ever noticed that much of our daily lives are dictated by our reactions to distractions, rather than being focused on our life’s true intentions. Achieving our goals becomes secondary by allowing so called emergencies, constant distractions, and fruitless bad habits to take us away from our intended paths. In turn preventing us from realizing our full life potential & experiencing true inner happiness.

Intentional focus is a mindfulness that keeps our goals and the paths to them in the forefront of our mind and at the top of our mental to do list. It is not based on strict adherence to a plan or unflinching self-discipline. It is a focus which opens the mind to attract & recognize the opportunities and effectuate the positive habits which will bring us to realize our goals.


Intention, Focus, Achievement

How does my mind create intentional focus?

Beginning with the creation of an intention, modern electronic hypnosis is used to bring the four active parts of the mind together to accomplish your goals. The operating, thinking, emotional, and motivating parts of the mind are unified to focus on your intentions, end bad habits, & achieve your goals.


Our Model of the Mind

Conscious Mind-Thinking Mind

This is the critical faculty of the mind.  Known as the adult or the protector. All conscious contemplated thought takes place here. Often our well thought out rational decisions are overcome by the more powerful emotions which reside in the subconscious mind.

Subconscious Mind-Emotional Mind

This is commonly called the child mind as it functions the same way a 7 year old’s mind works. Here every  experience, every memory, & all emotions are stored. There is no critical thinking here. This is the epicenter of all our emotions. Both good & bad. Both rational & irrational.

Unconscious Mind-Operating Mind

This operating part of the mind controls all involuntary & even some voluntary body processes. Here single actions are combined into groups to create those programs & processes. Both good & bad habits are formed here & included as part of those programs.

Ego Mind-Motivating Mind

Referred to as the voice or chatter of the mind all positive & negative motivation comes from here. The ego taps into the subconscious memories & uses the associated emotions to cause actions without any critical or rational consideration of the experience. No thought takes place here only chatter.
Power of Mindfulness

Intention (The Destination)

Your intention is where you want to end up. It is the goal. It is the X marking the spot. Not just an idea, but rather a fully developed experience which can be realized through all of your senses. One that can be realized utilizing focus.

Focus (The Way)

Focus is how you get to your intended outcome. It is the mindful practice which opens your mind’s subconscious to recognize the opportunities in our everyday lives. The opportunities often missed due to self-created obstacles from our past.

Mind (The Territory)

Your mind is the territory which has to be maneuvered. It contains all of our past experiences which have created mountains, valleys, & oceans within our mind.  Focus creates the way through these obstacles to realizing our intentions.